“Being scared of vulnerability is like the fear of stepping into a lifeboat when the ship you’re on is about to sink.” – Miles

Miles Adcox is the CEO/Owner of Onsite, and Milestones at Onsite (extended care center for emotional trauma & co-dependency). Miles owns and operates Onsite Music Publishing. He also owns and manages Experiential Adventures and A & N Properties. He co-founded Peak Performance Brain Training and co-owns H Financial Services. Miles co-founded a long-term trauma program in California. He also co-founded a Trauma certification program for therapist and practitioners and runs the American Society of Experiential Therapist (ASET) organization certifying and training experiential therapist all over the world. He previously ran a nationally recognized long-term, young adult treatment center for Trauma, Eating Disorders, and Addictions. Miles speaks nationally on various topics including Emotional Leadership, Inspiration, Communication, Organizational health, Creative Flow, Family Systems, Trauma, and Emotional Wellness.

Miles is a communication, personal growth, and mental health consultant to the music and entertainment industry. Miles is the host and consulting producer of Fox’s The Daily Helpline and is a featured guest expert on The Dr. Phil Show. He is also been featured on The Doctors, A&E’s Intervention and has been interviewed on codependency, emotional wellness, and family dynamics on several national radio shows. He is a producer of the gripping emotionally transformative documentary in production I’m Done Drowning. Onsite has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Miles is the co-founder, executive producer, and host of Inspire Nashville (The creative communities premier annual event honoring leaders in the music and entertainment communities who use their platforms for philanthropic reach and impact) Miles is an advisory board member for Possibilities Inc. (providing funding for individuals seeking emotional recovery). He is a board member for C4 Recovery Solutions (Improving quality and access to addiction and mental health treatment in the US and Middle East). Miles is an advisory board member for Musicians on Call (Bringing live and recorded music to the bedside of patients in Healthcare Facilities). He is a member of the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. Miles worked in the sports industry prior to a life changing transformation where he discovered his true passion of leading and motivating people into positive change.


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