Sammy’s Last Day

It’s not often I catch happy trends on social media, so when I opened Twitter this morning and saw the top trend was #NationalDogDay I immediately clicked through. As I scrolled down the feed of [...]

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Weapons of Hate and The Dangers of Doing Nothing

We find answers when we own problems. Waking up to another tragedy and watching reporters search for cause and meaning in all directions (religion, radicalism, discrimination, anti-gun, pro-gun, mental health, fundamentalism, political parties, etc…) is [...]

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  Your ability to receive can tell you more about your self-worth than your ability to give. Sometimes a gift is better received than given. I always thought it was the other way around and [...]

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Self-Centered or Centered Self?

Reframing Our Resistance to Self-Promotion The messages of shame and inadequacy I had fought to silence were threatening to silence me. In Nashville, you don’t have to look far to find someone who is promoting [...]

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Motivation vs. Inspiration

A key to unlocking your potential and lighting up those around you. It was a muggy, 95-degree Tennessee day in August when I first remembered a sudden flash of clarity from inside that called me [...]

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